morgan [coffee shop headshots]

when morgan sent me a message on facebook about catching up and taking some head shots I was totally in. then she said she wanted to do it at tempest coffee collective I was super pumped. fox valley friends, go have coffee (or food) there, it's amazing! morgan was a year older than me in high school. we danced together for a year and played soccer together. I got to know her pretty well so it was so great sitting down and catching up with her. we both decided we didn't have anyone to go on a backpacking trip so we should totally go together. haha.

morgan works for an awesome company, Au Naturale Cosmetics. they are vegan, healthy, all natural makeup. morgan had helped create the packaging in their recent re-brand and it's seriously beautiful! 

p.s. totally up for doing more headshot sessions like this. let's go have coffee or beer and take some pictures. love it!