lover of life. explorer. midwest based.

Fresh air is what I live for. My happy place is being among the trees with a golden sunset in the distance. Let’s adventure through the woods and capture unforgettable moments.


I'm Casey Hurley and it's nice to meet you.

I am a lover of life and enjoy falling in love with new places. I believe laughter cures all and there is beauty found in everyday. My favorite moments in life are when a fresh blanket of snow brings peace and quiet  to the world and belly laughs. I am on a mission to capture all the little moments life gives us.  I'm based in the midwest and wanting to adventure all over.  

Adventuring is my favorite part of photography. Exploring a park with clients and photographing them enjoying the nature is what I aim for. Walking through the woods. Standing amongst the trees. Enjoying nature in the truest form is what I want every session to be about. Let's go adventure together and explore your favorite spot. 



“We walked away from our newborn session with Casey calling her the baby whisperer. She was calm and patient with our colicky newborn and delivered us the most beautiful images. We can't wait to hang them in our home. It was such a pleasure to work with her. She made my husband and I feel so comfortable in front of the camera and the session went by so fast!”

Nicole Bergeson


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I have always had a goal of someday sharing my knowledge of photography. From going to school and getting an Associates Degree in Photography and having years of experience with my own business, I feel like it’s time to spread the love. click below to set up a mentoring session


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